Software Quality Assurance

Software Functional Testing

Our software functional testing services are all top-notch, covering all the testing aspects and delivering a bug-free end product. We implement all the testing techniques carefully, the most popular of which is the Functional testing of your software. Functional testing services of The Node Blox ensure the validation and verification of numerous applications for different enterprises and software vendors. Our functional testing mainly focuses on testing your applications against the defined requirements and specifications and meeting the customer’s functionality expectations at the end.

Services We Provide In Software Functional Testing

Unanticipated results, Poor user experience and value-adding opportunities lost! That’s what happens when an application isn’t tested. Being a functional testing company, we validate a product’s expected functional performance to see how it responds to the stated specifications.

Performance Testing Services

The Node Blox offers an effective solution for performance testing and takes corrective actions by careful detection and performance analysis. We help companies to evaluate their system components performance using various performance testing techniques including capacity, volume, load, scalability, endurance, reliability and stress testing. We are well-aware of the fact that the earlier a performance defect is detected, the lesser the cost of remediation. Due to this reason, we start testing your data from the initial phase to the development stage. Our knowledge-base and software quality assurance expertise helps to save your development efforts and we are eager to provide you with the best performance testing of your application. Our performance testing services ensure you don’t face any customer dissatisfaction that is caused by performance outage, ensuring a reliable work.

Services We Provide In Performance Testing Services

Unanticipated results, poor user experience, and value-adding opportunities lost! That’s what happens when an application isn’t tested. Being a functional testing company, we validate a product’s expected functional performance to see how it responds to the stated specifications.

Mobile App Testing Services

To achieve high speed and performance for mobile users, we offer a wide range of mobile application testing services to make sure your mobile app works properly on different customer platforms and devices. Our professional software quality assurance mobile testers help in delivering timely apps using various software quality assurance automated tools that result in lowering your cost of supporting devices. Regardless of the project complexity and operating system version. The Node Blox offers end-to-end mobile testing services that ensure appropriate mobile solutions delivering enhanced user experience and planned business value

Services We Provide In Mobile App Testing Services

Mobile users hold high expectations. Hence, the usability, performance, and features of your mobile apps must satisfy your customers with great user experience. Kualitatem’s mobile app testers test on real devices (iOS, Android, and Microsoft) to identify how well your app integrates different OS and other lucrative solutions like emulators.

Web Application Testing Services

The Node Blox is a leading web application testing company, having an extensive expertise in web application testing. Our web application testing services require no extra cost for hardware or software. Our efficient web application testing tools can be reached online and require no specific expertise, resulting in reduction in time and enabling our developers to quickly find out the best path to remediation. We provide the best web application testing solutions built on a unified platform, helping to reduce the overall cost and complexity of software quality assurance web app testing while helping to make the web application security standards even better.

Desktop Application Testing

For availing the best desktop testing services, get in touch with The Node Blox. We have a well-equipped team of software quality assurance testers with an extensive ability to derive test cases and use cases from software requirement specification and analyzing every single detail in depth. While providing you with the best desktop application testing services, we make sure that your desktop apps work in a manner they are supposed to perform and test your apps on different operating systems with random configurations and varied screens. We provide:
  • Recommended actions for improving software quality and ensuring its market acceptance
  • An effective approach for desktop testing for optimizing your QA costs and getting your application all-ready for launch.
Based on your apps, our team uses a blend of tools and latest technology for discovering complex issues and chooses the best strategy for desktop testing while attaining cost-efficiency and saving your time.

Usability Testing Services:

The Node Blox offers top-notch usability testing services for ensuring your application works in realistic scenarios and under use cases that simulate actual user behavior. Usability testing with us ensures that your application functions properly and its functionalities are easy to use and interpret. This results in an excellent business through your application, delivering an exciting user experience and result in an increase in profits and conversion rates. No matter in which phase of development you are, our experts will keep providing you with the best support and guidance, covering all your app’s functionality, logic, GUI understand-ability and app performance across the entire development life cycle.

Services We Provide In Usability Testing Services:

Why let slow application performance affect your business revenue, credibility, and customer satisfaction? At Kualitatem, we integrate our methodical performance engineering practices earlier into the software development lifecycle to guarantee that applications are reliable under normal as well as extreme conditions.

Compatibility Responsive Testing

Our compatibility and responsive testing services ensure that your applications are up-to-date, functional and fulfill all the navigation and performance needs in a favorable manner across various platforms. With rapid changes in technology, software quality assurance tools and hardware/software market platforms, there is an imminent need of test all your applications individually on these environments. We carry different testing devices and proficient software quality assurance testers who conduct responsive and compatibility testing regularly for our potential clients, targeting their business needs.

Services We Provide In Compatibility Responsive Testing

Our prowess lies in the skills of our dynamic software quality assurance testers who conduct responsive plus compatibility testing frequently to help our clients accomplish their business goals.

Localization Testing

The Node Blox offers the best localization testing services that allow various software publishers and localization houses to achieve proficiency and grip over many languages. All our multilingual services offered solely focus on all the localization-affected areas such as the Window/UI design, entire software functionality, content messages, documentation and help files and different websites. We conduct localization testing to make sure your project is correct technically and grammatically and is well- adapted to the target market and pay attention to every single detail including the regional settings, language and correct version of the operating system. We check the layout, functional issues and linguistic rules and test your website, app or software using best software quality assurance techniques for yielding better results than other software quality assurance companies.

Web Application Security Testing

The Node Blox offers the best application security testing services, including security testing to overcome and address the critical information security challenges faced by our clients. We use a combination of app security and code review tool to offer the best security testing services, letting us cover all the areas of information security compliance. We initiate the security testing process with architectural analysis and terminate at penetration testing. The software security testing services we offer cover all the aspects of software quality assurance and critical domains including code reviews, compliance QA and penetration QA. We are possible to achieve this because of our dedicated security testing holding expertise in both open source and commercial tools to initiate security testing from early phases of software development life cycle.